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New SMART Scholarship Use Policy effective August 1, 2006!

A new SMART Policy will take effect for everyone who has scholarships with SMART. There are three major changes:

  1. When the scholarship funds may be used
  2. The authorized use of the funds
  3. How the funds are paid

View the new policy.

State Listing of Scholarships

Scholarships listed on are offered by USBC, BPAA, local bowling centers and other bowling organizations. Please note that the scholarships listed may not be a certified USBC event and you need to check the event’s rules before entering the tournament, so you do not violate your USBC youth membership eligibility.

Effective Aug. 1, 2006, all scholarship funds awarded in USBC certified events must be managed through SMART program. Scholarship awards managed through a sport's national governing body, such as USBC and its SMART program, are allowed by most high school and collegiate athletic associations and do not jeopardize young bowlers' current and future eligibility for interscholastic competition.

Remember, only scholarships administered through the SMART program will protect the high school and collegiate eligibility of recipients.

If your organization wishes to have your scholarship listed, please contact SMART by e-mail at or call (800) 514-BOWL, ext. 3168. Your scholarship organization then needs to keep SMART informed of any changes to the listing, so the information is kept accurate.

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