I will uphold the standards and regulations of the Sport Bowling program through the following stated rules:

  1. I will meet all specifications and be USBC certified. I will also maintain compliance of all USBC rules and regulations, specifically, Rules 200-212 regarding Sport Bowling.

  2. I will have the lane maintenance equipment to consistently meet the requirements set forth by USBC for Sport Bowling competition. I will also submit tapes and/or graphs to the National Office at least one week prior to the first week/shift of Sport Bowling competition.

  3. I will own or have immediate access to a lane dressing pick-up device and Computerize Lane Monitor so that it can be used prior to each competition to verify that the appropriate Sport Bowling condition has been applied to the lanes. If the condition is found to be non-compliant, I will inform the bowlers of this.

  4. I will have a qualified lane maintenance person available during the application of the Sport Bowling condition. He/she shall be capable of performing all reasonable adjustments needed to correct any non-compliant condition. If it is impossible to make the required adjustments prior to the start of league, all bowlers shall be notified as noted in #3 above.

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