I will uphold the standards and regulations of the Sport Bowling program through the following stated rules:

  1. I will meet all specifications and be USBC certified. I will also maintain compliance of all USBC rules and regulations, specifically, Rules 200-212 regarding Sport Bowling.

  2. I will submit individual scores bowled by all bowlers on a weekly basis (Optional, not required) to Bowling Headquarters via CDE or Treasure Software.

  3. I will verify that a Computer Lane Monitor and Take Up Device will be readily available for this league prior to the start of each session of Sport Bowling league competition in order to verify compliance with USBC Sport bowling specifications.

  4. I will verify that graphs from the Sport Bowling lane conditions are in compliance and will be submitted to National Headquarters on a weekly basis.

  5. I will verify that the local association(s) are fully aware that this is a sport bowling league.

  6. I acknowledge that I am sublicensing the Sport Bowling lane conditions from the USBC and agree that the information relating to such lane conditions ("Confidential Information") is confidential. I will keep confidential all Confidential Information and will not disclose or use Confidential Information, except as permitted by USBC rules and regulations. I will pay any damages suffered as a result of breach of this paragraph.

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* League Type (Check all that apply): Adult
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